Janice Goldman

Janice Goldman is a nationally recognized transformational speaker, empowerment coach, and facilitator. She regularly speaks at conferences and events throughout the United States.

Her media appearances have included ABC News, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Fox News, DNAinfoChicago, Refinery29, and Make it Better. She has also developed a signature presentation and workshop series that includes issues surrounding the stigma of talking about money.

A survivor herself, Janice has endured numerous obstacles in her life. At the age of thirty-five, her husband passed away from leukemia while she was pregnant with twins. To her surprise, her husband’s estate was not set up properly, and as a result, she was left with nothing. With twins on the way, she had no time to fall apart and mourn. Instead, she took charge of her life and built a successful career as a financial advisor and business owner. She knows first-hand the struggles of being a single woman and single mother. Recently remarried, she has also discovered the challenges and successes of blending a family.

Having developed the Women’s Financial Services Division at Howe Barnes Hoefer & Arnett and worked as Senior Vice President/Vice President at such prominent financial institutions as Salomon Smith Barney, Mesirow Financial and Merrill Lynch, Janice has over thirty-two years of financial experience under her belt. She specializes in working with women who need to learn how to make the necessary choices in order to thrive in their financial and personal lives. Most of her clients are women who have survived personal setbacks such as divorce, widowhood, illness, or
disability. Her mission is to help women not only survive these setbacks but to also help them embrace their financial and life goals and dreams. Janice provides her clients with a sense of balance in their work, personal, and financial lives.

Janice earned a B.A. from the University of Arizona and also has a M.A. in Arts Administration and a M.A. in Counseling and Guidance.